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The idea for BillingPlus started in 2013 when founders Tom and Kath Brockhurst had a conversation with a friend about balance the life of being a medical specialist and handling the billing and related administrative paperwork that comes with it. From this, the idea of provide a ‘virtual billing service’, enabled by secure and simple technology, was born.

In 2023, BillingPlus joined forces with Melbourne-based start-up, Medipro Admin Services, to improve and modernise billing services and to seek and apply breakthrough approaches to improve all aspects of medical billing and administration.

This includes adopting the MediPro Billing solution, designed and built in Melbourne, Australia, which provides a secure, modern and simple to use technology for both medical specialists, and billing professionals.

As well as providing outstanding services to medical professionals, BillingPlus is a strong advocate for providing flexible and meaningful employment and franchising opportunities to medical administrators who want the adaptability and freedom to do meaningful, rewarding work.