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Our partnership with MediPro Admin enables us to continually innovate and improve our services through the use of modern and adaptable technologies.

Trusted Local Team

Our dedicated service management team, based in Australia, are comprised of experienced practice managers and billing experts, who manage patients, private health funds and government services on your behalf.

Reduced Costs

Low cost, fewer exceptions, faster returns – having BillingPlus handle your billing and claims significantly reduces costs, results in less time wasted chasing down exceptions and rejections, and means that you have a steady flow of income in a shorter time period.

App for Convenience

The web based MediPro Billing app lets you submit your claims securely anywhere anytime on any device.

Data Security

Emailing and texting of confidential patient information is no longer tolerable in today’s world of cyber-attacks. Data protection and privacy is engineered into processes and systems, protecting you and your patients from risk.

Streamlined Processes

Simplified business processes and automation enables us to manage your billing efficiently, reducing costs and the impact on your billing income.

BillingPlus means you have more time for your patients. That's something to care about.