Dr. Marco Bonollo FRACP (Consultant Physician)

I cannot understate the improvement in efficiency and peace of mind that adopting Billingplusl for all billing purposes has brought me.

I wish to recommend them to you, unreservedly,

As a perioperative physician, my practice consists of large numbers of inpatients undergoing joint replacement with high turnover.

I took the opportunity of adopting Billingplus in late 2015 after the retirement of my bookkeeper. I heard about Billingplus from a close colleague of mine, a consultant Cardiologist who recommended them highly.

I noticed immediate benefits. Firstly, in terms of cash flow, the turnaround time for settling accounts fell from weeks to days, including DVA and WorkCover.

I previously had an up to 4-week delay in sending conventionally scheduled fee accounts due to my bookkeeper’s backlog; this has disappeared and claims are lodged immediately. This has had a flow on effect with respect to the settlement of quarterly tax installments.

Secondly, Billingplus are able to forward records of the billings, payments, and fees in XERO format to my accountants which has drastically reduced accounting fees and time is taken to complete tax returns.

In terms of efficiencies, my secretary is no longer interrupted by patients enquiring about accounts, receipts or out of pocket fees, all of which are managed and explained by Billingplus. Billingplus facilitate all communication with patients, funds and third parties with respect to the settlement of accounts. My secretary and I can now concentrate on clinical matters only.

Patients are reassured that they will not receive accounts from my rooms, and, instead, their health fund will be billed directly (the agreed gap fee).

Dr David Hooke (Consultant Physician)

Billingplus have been responsible for processing our inpatient billing since 31st March 2014; just over two years.

The team at Billingplus provides a seamless service from initial data entry, including submission to health funds and/or third party entities and finally, processing of payments, reconciliation reports and collection services. In addition to billing submissions and payment receipts, monthly activity reports are also produced and provided to the Practice for audit and cross-checking purposes.

In our experience, turnaround of billing and receipting is no more than a few days.

Outsourcing the inpatient billing to Billinplus, has enabled the administrative staff to focus their energies on other aspects of the Practice, thereby ensuring it’s ongoing smooth day to day running. The net result has been one of more effective use of time, a streamlined cash flow and minimisation of outstanding debt.

A discussion with the team at Billingplus and subsequent use of their services has been very helpful to the Practice and we are sure that others could benefit similarly.

Dr. Alistair Dukes Neurosurgeon

I’d encourage you – it is amazingly quick and hassle free

Dr. Jodie-Ann Senior, MMBS FRACP (Consultant Cardiologist)

With Billingplus, all my billing administration is done before I leave the patient bedside. A few taps on my smartphone and the rest is done. I get paid in days not weeks, and I never lose a bill.